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TAP & Galaxy TAP Stencils

105 TAP Galaxy Hardore

105 TAP Galaxy Hardore

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6 designs on 1 stencil
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Galaxy TAP Face Painting Stencils are the newest creation of the team at Jest Paint. Designed by Anna and Santi, Galaxy TAP Stencils allows professional and beginner face painters to create amazing designs with ease. Use these face painting templates to add details or textures to your designs in just a few seconds. Each stencil has several patterns based on a theme and they can be combined or used individually. Having all the different designs on one stencil makes it easier to find the stencil you need while face painting, instead of going through 40 different individual stencils, and the extra blank space provides a larger barrier against over spray. 

What are the dimensions of this face painting product?
This face painting stencil is 7.5" in diameter and 0.01" thick, each individual pattern is about 2" in diameter

How to use this face painting template? 
You can use Galaxy TAP Stencils with an airbrush or with a sponge. If using an airbrush make sure to spray from at least two inches away in low pressure at a 90 degree angle from the stencil to avoid the paint going underneath the stencil. You want to make sure you keep your face painting stencil pressed against the skin. If using a sponge, make sure your sponge is almost dry. Always test the paint on your skin before you stencil your design. If the paint is almost tacky you are good to go, if it is wet or runny, then you need to squeeze more water out of your sponge or load more paint. Once the sponge is ready, hold the stencil firmly against the skin and pat your sponge gently to prevent paint from going under the stencil.
Always wipe and dry the back of your stencil between uses so that you have a clean surface before using it on your next customer.

What is Galaxy TAP Face Painting Stencil - Hardcore best for?
The Hardcore stencil was created with boys in mind, but can also be used for girls that are into these designs. We've got most of the popular boy designs covered with the spider web, skull, flames, gears, tire track marks and the brick wall pattern which makes is also great for graffiti inspired designs.

What else should I know about Galaxy Stencils?
All Galaxy TAP Face Painting Stencils are made in the USA and designed by Anna and Santi from JestPaint.com. If you are looking for just one of the designs on this stencil instead of the group of patterns, you can check their individual TAP Stencils.
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